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Using Our Building

The use of Friendship United Methodist facilities is open to both members and non-members of the church, under special circumstances.



Friendship United Methodist Church and Facilities is dedicated to the ministry of Jesus Christ.  Please treat these facilities with respect. All groups using our facility will keep the practices and  purpose of Friendship United Methodist Church.


Policy on Use and Maintenance


All groups using any part of the building shall:

1. All events must be scheduled on the church calendar maintained by the church secretary.

2. Gambling, alcoholic beverages, illicit drugs and profanity are not permitted in the building or on church property.

3. Smoking is not permitted inside the buildings.

4. All groups using the building for athletics must have each participant agree in writing to release Friendship United Methodist Church and its officers and staff from any and all liability incurred in conjunction with their use of the facility via the Release Form and Waiver of Responsibility prior to any facility use.

5. Groups are liable for the cost of repairs or replacement for any damage done to the buildings, grounds or equipment.

6. Children must be carefully supervised at all times and use a room designated for childcare. Any sporting or athletic event involving children must be supervised at all times, and all sports activities must be restricted to Thomas Family Hall. A minimum of two adults is required at all times.

7. Audio and visual equipment may only be used by authorized individuals. Need for equipment must be arranged 2 weeks ahead of the event and extra fees may be incurred.

8. Furniture should not be moved between rooms of the church. All furniture within the rooms should be returned to the original setup.

9. When returning chairs to the storage closet in Thomas Family hall, use the dollies provided. Stack chairs 8 high. Dragging the chairs across the floor damages the carpet.

10. Comply with rules and regulations for the use of the kitchen when it is used. Do not use supplies and food in marked cabinets without replacing the items.

11. Do not prop doors open. Each furnace and air conditioner has a zone. Open doors conflict with zone thermostats. Also, the doors act as fire stops.

12. All groups must clean up. Please take trash to the dumpster located in the SW corner of the parking lot. Place a new plastic bag in the trash containers. Replacement bags are located in the kitchen on top of the refrigerator.

13. Close and lock all doors, close all windows, turn off lights, check restrooms for lights before leaving. Return key to the designated key deposit box.

October, 2007

Document Owner: Trustees

Our Church is a witness to the community and indicates our dedication to the ministry of Jesus

Christ. Since the Board of Trustees is responsible for the care and supervision of all church

property, this policy will serve as a guideline to groups wanting to use our Building and or


It is the intention of this policy that:

1. Classes, groups, committees and persons from our membership typically shall be given priority in all requests for the use of the buildings or equipment. Church sponsored activities may supersede other membership sponsored events.

2. Nothing in this policy shall be interpreted as a limitation of the right of church sponsored groups or the Pastor to use the building or equipment as noted in the Discipline of the Church.

3. Permission to use the building, grounds or equipment will be given only to those persons or organizations whose program and practices are in keeping with the customs, practices and purposes of Friendship United Methodist Church. The pastor will have final decision if a group meets these guidelines.

4. The Board of Trustees shall be responsible to the Administrative Board for submitting revisions for this policy.

5. The Administrative Board shall decide all appeals or conflicts in the application or interpretation of this policy.

6. The privilege of building use may be revoked at the discretion of the Pastor or Trustees for misuse.

7. Any group desiring the use of our facilities, including regular and stated meetings, must clear usage through the church Secretary who is charged with the duty of seeing that such a meeting is placed on the church calendar and assigned appropriate space.

8. All non-church groups will fill out a “Request for Use of Facilities” form to be approved by the Pastor. A signed copy will be kept on file in the church office. For athletic use of the facilities, it is the responsibility of the contact person to provide to the church secretary (a) a complete roster of participants, and (b) a Release Form and Waiver of Responsibility for each participant prior to any use of the facilities.

9. Groups will be given a copy of the “Guidelines for Facilities Care and Use”.

10. The Pastor will determine the necessity of fees according to the schedule of fees

11. Extra care should be exercised in the use of all church property. It is understood that the cost of damages or excessive janitorial services following any event will be paid for by the individual organization using the church facilities.

12. Groups requiring a one-time use key to the facility must make arrangements with the church secretary. A key is available and must be returned upon exiting the building. All other arrangements for keys must be made through a trustee.

13. Audio and visual equipment may only be used by authorized individuals. Need for equipment must be arranged 2 weeks ahead of the event and extra fees may be incurred.

14. Gambling, alcoholic beverages, illicit drugs and profanity are not permitted in the building or on church property.

15. Smoking is not permitted inside the buildings.

16. Saturday use of the sanctuary and Thomas Family Hall will be completed by 9:00 PM. Special requests will be considered by event, additional fees may be charged.

17. Adult supervision must be provided at all times when youth or children’s groups are using the building. A minimum of two adults is required at all times. More adults may be needed as deemed appropriate by the group leader.

18. A proper release and indemnification agreement shall be signed by each participant prior to using the facility for any person while practicing for or participating in any contest or exhibition of any athletic or sports event at the church. See the “Release Form and Waiver of Liability”.


The Sanctuary


1. Any use of the Sanctuary must conform to the rules as stated in the Discipline of the Church.

2. Use of the Sanctuary for weddings, funerals and other special services will be arranged through the Pastor and coordinated by the church secretary.

3. A Wedding Procedure booklet is available on the top lefthand side of this webpage. There is a wedding coordination committee, who can provide additional information.

4. No food or drink, other than communion is permitted in the sanctuary.


Thomas Family Hall


1. Table and chair set up is the responsibility of the group using the room. Guidelines and available inventory are posted inside the storage closet. Arrangements for setup and breakdown can be made for an extra fee. Requests must be made when requesting the


2. Sports equipment, basketball and volleyball are available. All participants must sign a “Release Form and Waiver of Liability. Specific needs must be arranged ahead of the event.

3. Storage Room Contents and Usage Guidelines will be posted in the Thomas Family Hall storage closet. These are owned by the Trustees.

4. Capacity of Thomas Family Hall: 458 people sitting or 500 people standing or 214 people at tables.




1. Kitchen Use and Clean Up Guidelines will be given to all groups requesting use of the kitchen area. These are posted in the Kitchen area and maintained by the Trustees.

2. The dishwasher may not be used without prior instruction from a Trustee.

3. Do not use supplies and food from other group’s closets without replacing items.

4. Mark all items placed in the refrigerators. All items not marked may be used by any group or thrown out.


Furnishing and Equipment


1. Church groups have a priority use of all equipment.

2. Personal and group use of the furnishings and equipment shall be allowed at the discretion of the Trustees. All items must be checked out through the church secretary and returned promptly.

3. The Church van and trailer may be used only by a church sponsored group. A sign-out sheet is maintained in the church office. Operation instructions are kept in the church office. Designated van Trustee owns these procedures.


Nursery, Pre-School Room, and Child Care Rooms.

1. Safe Sanctuaries Policy and Guidelines must be upheld for all activities involving youth and children. This policy is available from the Director of Christian Education.  

2. The Nursery is designated for children under the age of two years. Nursery supplies are for use by Sunday Service, all groups should replace any supplies used.  

3. The church secretary will designate a room for child care when needed.  

4. The Preschool equipment and supplies must remain in the Preschool rooms.


October, 2007

Document owner: Trustees

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